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Employers are not looking manual hiring anymore. Instead, they have a critical need for a platform that helps them to manage and source through . In addition, employers as well as recruiters need reliable technology capabilities that can help them quickly process. They need a fast processing and functional Hiring Tracker that can help surface select top candidates from large pools of applicant profiles. brings the tools required for managing today's demanding recruiting process. Administrating tasks become easier with the embedded Administrative tools: it makes it easy for you to manage your process and as result increases quality time for unlocking the full potential of your recruiting. 
With tracking software your team will be powered with the recruiting tool which allows staffing managers the ability to manage their team globally regardless of the location
•        Hierarchy Management
•        Recruitment Agency Management
•        Automated Candidates Tracking
•        Automated Job distribution to Multi Consultants
•        Custom Reports
•        Automated Hiring Tracker
•        Multi-User Integrated Calendar
•        Candidate Screening Management
•        Automated Feedback from Employers
•        Workflow Automation  User profile management
•        HR team management and editing team rights
•        Automated workflow and records
•        Management Reporting
•        Basic Candidate, vacancy, workflow and source reports
•        Advanced Smart Reporting
•        Advanced dashboards
•        Notifications
•        Many More ...